gift box of 5 love sprinkle macarons


The perfect gift box to express your love! 5 Beautiful macarons with delicious lavender flavoured buttercream sandwiched between two perfectly baked macaron shells, adorned with a "love" message made of sprinkles. Happy Valentine's Day, OMC fam!

  • Your macarons will be packaged neatly & safely, in our standard round boxes of 12. Would you like them individually packed into plastic sleeves?

    • 3 R

The anatomy of our macarons.

Every macaron has a unique flavour incorporated into its filling, sandwiched in between two delicious shells, piped by hand & baked to perfection.

Keep them fresh fresh!

Our macarons can be stored in an airtight/cling-wrapped container for up to 2 days, at room temperature. We do not recommend refrigerating our macarons (they get cold & dry, shame). Our macarons are freezer-friendly! Freeze them on the day of purchase for maximum freshness, & make sure they’re kept airtight until serving.

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