Treat yourself to the best cupcakes in Johannesburg!

With a swirl of soft buttercream and a drizzle of decadent chocolate ganache, an injection of zesty lemon curd or a sprinkling of crushed Oreos, every cupcake of ours is designed to be delicious and finished with a flourish.  Treat yourself to the best cupcakes in Johannesburg – you know you want to!

Our cupcakes are made using our own special recipes and fresh ingredients. We’ve been in the industry of sugary happiness for many years; if it's tasty, fun, trendy, classic, or any combination of the above – we’re on it! For more irresistible treats, have a look at the cakes and macarons we bake.

Cupcakes with personality

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We boast the best cupcakes in Johannesburg based on what our clients tell us.

If your dessert situation needs a wow-factor upgrade, don’t fret – get in touch with us. Whilst we do stock classic flavours like Red Velvet and Carrot Cupcakes, we’ve got a range of cupcakes that are anything but mundane. Try our Death by Oreo, Poop Emoji, Coffee and Donuts, or Bees Knees cupcakes, and see for yourself! Drool-worthy? Check. Instagram-worthy? Double-check.

Whether you’re looking for pretty piping, a chocolate overload or a hilarious poop emoji rainbow swirl, we have you covered! We do sophisticated just as well as we do fun and trendy.

Every cupcake we create looks like art and tastes like dessert. Our team is constantly experimenting, improving and pushing when it comes to our cupcake designs and flavours. Swing by our store and one of our friendly sales consultants will be more than happy to design custom cupcakes with you. Our customers are our family, so we will always do our best to bring a shared vision to life with you!

While we are based in Johannesburg, our sweet treats have traveled far and wide. If you are worried about how you are going to be transporting your delicate order, don’t sweat it! Talk to us instead. We deliver cakes and cupcakes throughout Johannesburg, and macarons nationwide.

Visit our store!

Seeing the cupcakes online, and visiting our bakery in Johannesburg, are two different experiences. If you’re planning an event, we suggest having a look online to get a feel for our products, and then scheduling a visit to our store to chat through your ideas with one of our team members. You could also call, WhatsApp or email us, to chat about your event. Or, why wait for an event? Swing by for a cappuccino or a Unicorn Latte, grab a seat at our Decorating Room and watch our cake artists work their magic.

For those who are on the move and need to satisfy that cupcake craving, there is no need to pre-order, because who’s got time to pre-empt a craving?! Our cupcakes are ready-to-go, 7 days a week. And if you grab a Best Ever Brownie, Nutella Shot or Unicorn Shake while you’re there, we won’t even judge. Wink wink.

A Tip to Preserve the Fresh Taste

Our cupcakes are best enjoyed on the day you’ve bought them. If you’re not planning on tucking into them right away, firstly, congratulations! You’ve got superhuman discipline. Secondly, you can keep them in a closed container at room temperature for up to three days. Whatever you choose to do, do not refrigerate our cupcakes! They get cold and dry and lonely. For longer-term storage, a better option would be to freeze them on the day of purchase, in an airtight container, and you can enjoy them up to a week or two later.

Order online, or visit our store to buy the best cupcakes in Johannesburg. Oh, and be sure to check out our Instagram for behind-the-scenes stories, new product alerts, giveaways, and general #dessertgoals shenanigans.

Frequently asked questions about Cupcakes

What is the difference between a muffin and a cupcake?

Cupcakes are muffins that believe in miracles! A cupcake is light and fluffy and often has a frosting or some sort of decoration on top.

How much do cupcakes cost?

They range from R25 to R50 each, depending on the design.

Is it cheaper to do cupcakes at a wedding?

Yes, the cost of the serving size is cheaper.

Are muffin cups and cupcake cups the same?


Do I need cupcake liners to make cupcakes?

Yes, it makes life a lot easier because you don't have to grease the baking pans. It is also more hygienic to use liners when baking cupcakes. Liners help to reduce wear and tear on nonstick finish of a pan.

How do you make cupcakes without a cupcake tray?

That's not possible, you have to have a cupcake tray to make cupcakes.

Why do my cupcakes burn on the bottom?

Your oven temperature is too high and your tray is too close to the bottom of the oven. Your tray must be in the centre shelf.

Should you spray cupcake liners?

No, that is not necessary.

Why did my cupcakes fall?

Your oven temperature was not correct, you opened the oven too many times during baking and / or your rising agents have failed.

How do you make the perfect size cupcake?

Use the same size scoop for every cupcake, ie. use 2 tablespoon scoops for every cupcake.

How do you defrost frozen cupcakes? 

Take the frozen cupcakes out of the container and place them on a cooling rack. Let them defrost for 30 minutes up to 3 hours.  Once unfrozen, your cupcakes are ready to decorate.