Oh My Cake! knows how to bake the best macarons in Johannesburg

Over the past five years, we have perfected our macaron recipe. When asking any pastry chef what it takes to create the perfect macaron, they will likely tell you that it requires skill, practice and patience. We bake the best macarons in Johannesburg, not only because we have an expert team, but also because we put love and passion into every batch we bake and every flavour we create.

If you’ve fallen in love with our macarons, you’ve got to try the cakes and cupcakes that we create at our Fourways store. Or, check out our online store from the comfort of your couch, and you’re sure to find something amazing. And if you want something entirely different – contact us and we’ll make it especially for you!

Endless macaron flavours, colours & themes to choose from at Oh My Cake!

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With over 20 flavours to choose from, your only dilemma at Oh My Cake! might be which macaron to try…but we won’t judge you if you grab one of each!

Of course, we’ve got you covered with the classic flavours on our menu - Red Velvet, Vanilla, Strawberry, and more. But if you’re looking to try something new, there’s so much more to indulge in. Gingerbread, Passion Fruit, Liquorice, Birthday Cake, Basil and White Chocolate…the list goes on. Our team is always pushing traditional boundaries in the kitchen, and setting the trend for new and exciting flavour combinations.

Not only do we love to play with taste, but design, too. Our Gourmet Macarons are hand-piped in a variety of special shapes and intricately hand-painted to resemble bunnies, unicorns, monkeys and different emojis. If there is a specific colour or design you would like, feel free to sit down with our team to discuss the possibilities.

We’ve all heard the saying “less is more”. With food art, that couldn’t be closer to the truth. A dash of edible fairy dust or a few sprinkles could be all you need to turn a plain macaron into an edible work of art. Some of our most beautiful macarons have multiple colours lightly folded into the batter to create a beautiful marbled effect. For an attention-grabbing display, we can coat your macarons in edible gold glitter, or delicately paint them with personalized messages, for the perfect gift. The options are plenty!

The age-old history of macarons

Macarons were first made in Italy. Later the recipe became popular in France and as time passed by, it spread throughout the world. Catherine de’ Medici is said to have introduced them to France in 1533. Back then there was no creamy filling, but merely a cookie with a delicate, crisp or shell-like outside and soft, puffy inside.

Some believe that macarons were even prepared for the wedding King Louis XIV in 1660. In 1792, the Macaron Sisters, two Carmelite nuns from Nancy, earned an income during the French Revolution by baking and selling macarons.

The first written macaron recipe dates back to the 17th century in France. Today many different recipes exist, however there are very few alternatives to the ingredients if you want to bake a macaron that would get a thumbs-up from the best confectionaries. 20 March has been celebrated as Macaron Day, globally, since 2005.

The perfect addition to the dessert table at any and every occasion - Macarons

These bite-size confections are popular features on dessert tables at events such as weddings, birthdays, baby showers and bridal showers. Macarons can be served individually, as toppings on a cake, or as a stacked as a tower of edible treats – the perfect centerpiece. We use a variety of fillings in our macarons, but our favourites are buttercream and chocolate ganache, infused with different flavours. Together, the textures of the soft filling and delicate almond shell make for the most satisfying sweet treat.

It’s always a good day for a macaron. Spoil yourself and your guests with flavourful macarons from Oh My Cake! Should there be a specific flavour or filling that does not already feature in our confectionery, let us know what you have in mind and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Our passionate team has years of experience baking these tiny desserts with just the right amount of filling, the perfect colour and without any cracked shells.

For a taste of the best macarons in Johannesburg, be sure to pop in at Oh My Cake! in Fourways. Alternatively, you can place an online order for delivery for the macarons of your choice. We look forward to creating mind-blowing macarons for you.

Frequently asked questions about Macarons

What is the difference between a macaroon and a macaron?

A macaron is a sandwich made from almond flour and egg whites. A macaroon is a coconut biscuit.

Macaroons are limited in variety, while macarons range in different flavors and colours.

What's the best macaron flavour?

That's a tough question. It's between the chocolate chip cookie dough and vanilla buttercream macaron.

Are macarons difficult to make?

Yes, extremely. It's taken us 5 years to perfect the recipe.

Why are macarons so expensive?

The ingredients in a macaron are very expensive and unfortunately, there are no cheaper alternatives. Almond flour and egg whites are some of the ingredients that are used. To add to that, the technical expertise required is not easy to find or to train.

Why are macarons so special?

They are incredibly difficult to make and are unique in their texture and flavour. They are the perfect bite-size dessert.

Why are macarons chewy?

They are sandwiched with either a ganache or a buttercream which makes them soft in the centre.

Can I leave macarons out overnight?

Only if they are in an airtight container.

Why did my macarons explode?

There were sugar lumps in your batter.

Why are macarons hollow?

Your macarons did not bake at a high enough temperature.

Why do macaron shells crack?

Your batter hasn't been mixed properly or you've used too much colouring.